Thursday, 1 December 2016

Acai Pulp - Why Should You Buy Acai Pure and Freeze Dried?

Acai pulp comes from inside Acai berries, which are native to South and Central America. Acai pulp is a flesh-like substance that surrounds the Acai seed. Even though the Acai seed takes up about four fifths of the total Acai berry volume, the pulp is a great source of vital nutrients and minerals. This also makes the pulp of Acai much more difficult to obtain than the actual seed of the berry itself.
What many people don't understand is that the Acai berry pulp is the most beneficial part of the Acai fruit to humans. When you hear that Acai berries are good for you, you should know that the best part of the Acai berry is actually coming from the pulp content. Though the skin of Acai berries also contains many rich vitamins and nutrients, the Acai pulp is the highest quality part of the berry.
Every Acai tree yields about 1800 Acai berries per year. All of these berries are then taken to a processing center where the pulp is extracted from each of the berries. This pulp has lots of omega 9 essential fatty acids. High levels of cholesterol reducing vitamins are found in Acai pulp such as: beta Sitoserol and other forms of linoleic acids.
Acai pulp has been shown to be home to nearly twenty different forms of amino acids. Several research papers have explained that Acai's pulp is able to remove toxic waste and free radicals from the human body. In case you aren't familiar with the term "free radicals," they are basically harmful chemicals being produced in your body. Having a lot of free radicals has been linked to developing diseases and having an increased risk towards developing cancer.
Pulp from an Acai berry is able to prevent these free radicals from causing damage to your body because it contains such a high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are capable of fighting and eliminating free radicals and other forms of toxins from your body. Scientific findings show that the antioxidants that can be gotten from Acai pulp are slower acting. Now you may think slower acting is a bad thing, but actually, it means that they are able to have a longer-term effect on the health of your body; the effect doesn't wear off right away.
Scientific research has also been able to demonstrate that Acai pulp is able to trigger an increase in white blood cell count throughout your body. Acai also contains a nutritional byproduct, which upon entering the body, targets and reduces any tissue inflammation. The pulp is like fuel to keep your body's immune system operating at a peak level of performance.
Many people like to buy pure Acai products because they have potential to speed up a person's metabolism and strengthen their immune system. Due to the fact that obtaining pure Acai pulp is rather difficult, I prefer to stock up on pure Acai powder, which is a freeze-dried form of Acai. When you buy all natural powder, you are getting the closest product to Acai pulp - besides pure Acai juice.
Acai supplements can also work well and help you reap the benefits of Acai, but you will not notice how great the Acai actually tastes. Even if Acai didn't have as many benefits as it does, I would still want to have some Acai juice on hand because it has such a great flavor. I always recommend seeing whether you enjoy Acai berry juice before taking the supplement. However, when purchasing both, make sure you are getting authentic, organic Acai and not a phony brand.

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